Cover Reveal– Marika Ray: Desperately Seeking House husband

Hey Y’all!!

So I totally LOVE Marika Ray and all of her books. I am anxiously awaiting the release of this one!


68690514_1813445132134399_2020888469043150848_n \

Check out this cover y’all!

IT releases on September 19th!!

📚 💘Releasing Sept 19th
📚 💘 PreOrder:
Cover Artist: Laura Halloran
I’m fake dating my ex’s brother…all on national television.
I just needed a fake boyfriend to be on the reality show Desperate Househusbands with me to prove once and for all I was over my evil ex and living my best life.
Too bad the only guy willing to do the job turned out to be my ex’s half-brother.
Dimples are my kryptonite and he’s got two of them.
I was intrigued by her before I knew who she was.
And I admit, I signed up for the fake boyfriend position because I was curious how someone so successful could have dated my asshole brother.
Maybe it’s the way her edges soften at night when she cuddles up to me.
Or maybe it’s watching her rebuild her confidence brick by brick.
Maybe it’s just the goats stirring up repressed sexual desire.
Either way, I have feelings. Real ones.
Which is a bummer when my brother, the wrecking ball, comes back through the door, ruining everything we fought so hard for.
Where’s a goat to rekindle the flames when you need one?
📚 💘For a chance to get your hands on a signed paperback:
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