Long time away–sorry Books, Book Cons and MORE!!

Hey y’all!!

So it’s been awhile since I had a post. I am sorry about that, I am not sure anyone even follows this and checks it out, but here I am. I am week 2 into my new job after a fabulous 7 weeks off–perks of working in the school system! I am going to tell you about some authors I adore, some book conventions you really need to check out oh–and some hot as hell models!!

So first– BOOKS! I mean that is what this blog is about right? SO, over the summer I read over 100 books–some good, some just ok. So what are those good books you ask? Well I will link you directly to some authors Amazon pages and you can check them out! When I read them, they were all on KU, so hopefully they still are especially if you are a KU reader like me.

  • Heather Orgeron  – Let me tell you, I found her from the book Heartbreak Warfare that she wrote with the fabulous Kate Stewart. If you haven’t read that yet– What the hell are you waiting for? That book destroyed me in the best way possible! Now back to Heather, her books Dopplebanger (single dad romance) and Boomerangers (Second Chance romance) HOLY SHIT!! They are so funny and in Boomerangers there are some scenes in there that you will just die of laughter. I loved it! Check them all out! I promise you will not regret it.
  • Aly Martinez -I totally DEVOURED her books. I seriously read 11 in 3 days. Her whole bookshelf is KU and they are all so fantastic. They have the heat, some suspense and the buildup that all makes for the perfect romance book. I love her! If you want a recommendation on what order to read them in (cause there is a good order) let me know. It doesn’t say in her books which order and there are a couple I really wish I would have read before the others. I love having backstory on characters.
  • Elizabeth Knox – Her Skulls Renegade MC series was a hit for me!!! A Must check out for sure. I got into a huge MC kick over the summer and I ate this series UP!
  • Meghan Quinn She released The Locker Room this summer. She is one of my all time go to authors and I read everything she writes. I totally fell in love with this book. It’s a baseball book too 🙂  It is a 100% must read, I wanted to throw my kindle about 75% through and I was cussing Meghan so much, but she made it up to me in the end. I loved this read!
  • For this last one I thought I would link you to some other of my go to authors. They are ones that I know I can go to and always get a good read. If I’m in the mood for a quickie, a dirty book, a sweet romance or what ever I am looking for, I can always find it with some of my go to’s below. 90% of this list, I have read every book by them…. yes I read A LOT!
    • Frankie Love
    • Marika Ray  (Mom Com—get it now!!! SOOOO GOOD)
    • Kelsie Rae
    • Penny Wylder
    • Alexa Riley- however we are in AR gate right now and her books were pulled from Amazon and no longer in KU– seriously WTF!! It is not their fault I lay the blame 100% on Amazon, but I miss them and hope they get back to KU soon!!

Those are 5 of my Go-To authors. I have read literally everything they have written and have never been disappointed. 🙂


So I guess I am in a writing mood this morning. I am sitting here at my swag desk (if you haven’t seen it yet! OMG It is FABULOUS!) drinking coffee and just letting you in my brain. I am trying to decide if I should go on or make another separate post about book cons and models…. Yep.. I think I will. I will come back and link to them once they are done. So add these authors to your read list, you will not be sorry…

Next up—Book conventions.. If you have never been to one, and you are a reader, you need to get your behind to one. They are so much fun!

K- Love you all!!

❤ Smooches ❤

< 3 Kim ❤




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