Let’s talk book covers!

Hey Y’all!

So here’s the question– what makes you buy a book? Is it the blurb, is it the author, or is it the cover– or a mix of a couple of those?

Me? it is usually the cover. I won’t even look twice at a book (unless it is by one of my go to authors) if the cover sucks…. I know, I know– it is the old saying don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but I am a very visual person. Photography is my passion, and I will say that if the cover sucks ass, I more than likely won’t even look at the blurb. Unless it is recommended to me, or if I see the blurb before the cover. Stock images– fine if that is what you can afford, use them, who cares as long as it is a good one. 🙂


I think I have gone into the subject before on a rant because someone was saying something negative about the models which pissed me off– I’m not going there today. However, I am going to stand up for them and be in their corner today. The guys that I have met that are on covers are fantastic guys. The photographers that shoot them are just as nice and great to talk to. I am not a swooner– I don’t melt, or giggle (not to their face at least hahah) but I will hug the shit out of them, just like I do to the authors. I love people–I am 100% a people person. I love to talk, I love to socialize I just love people. I am one of the most positive and happiest people you will ever meet. We won’t go and psychoanalyze me and talk about why (ha) but I just really love meeting new people and talking to them and the book models are no different.

Do you have a favorite cover? I have so many!! My daughter in law actually had an amazing blanket made for me last Christmas that is book covers! It is my favorite thing ever. Some of my favorite books are on there– check it out


I have a desk full of book covers–


well swag, but most of it is book covers they have put onto business cards, rack cards, bookmarks, you name it– it all has to do with that book. That is my swagalicious desk and corner…. 🙂  Identifying your book is a big deal, people will know the book just by the cover. So I am a cover junkie! I love them, just like I love most of the guys on them LOL! They are sweethearts– want to see some pictures?

There are some amazing photographers that I aspire to be out there…. Remember the old jingle “Wanna be like Mike” this is one person I aspire to be– one day–if I can get some guys in front of my fucking lens!!

img_0834This my friends, is Golden Czermak “General G”– yes he is a photographer AND a model and an absolutely amazing human being. I adore him on so many levels and look up to him as well. He has such positive energy and is amazing behind the lens and in Photoshop. If you are an author hopefully you know about him– if not! Learn the name, know the name FuriousFotog— Clicking the link will take you to his Facebook page where you can learn more about him and his amazing work he does for you guys to make your books stand out to cover junkies like me!!

img_0283Christopher Johns– AKA CJC Photography  LOVE this man right here. He is always so sweet to me and we chat every time I see him. He does some great work, but he is just an all around great guy as well.

There are a ton of book cover photographers out there, I just have met these two and they are two I would recommend to anyone just based off their work. There are so many more, but I will promote who I know and who I know does amazing work. I encourage you to check them all out. Some of the photography on their sites will blow your mind! It is my DREAM to have a photo on a book cover some day. Not of myself of course, no one would want that LMAO!!

Models– I have some favorites of course– who in the book world doesn’t? I have met a few, chatted with a few, hung out and drank with a couple. Guys let me tell you, they are just like you and me, they put their pants on just like we do. They are people– Some are more personable than others, some are stuck up and I go the other way– but some, they will sit there and talk to you laugh with you and just have a great time with you. Those guys– I love you! You know who you are ❤ much love from me to you!!

Now I know you want eye candy and I fully intend to give you some right now, but first– tow of my favorites hehe!

img_5395 Dan Rengering— I love this man! He is the first model I ever met and talked to– happened to be at both of our first events Shameless 2017, right after the hurricane that put him in the spotlight with an instagram photo. I have many photos of us together but this last one is my favorite. I truly adore him– we have sat and talked together even when he is tired from being on shift and coming straight to an event, he is always sweet and nice.  He has shot with MANY photographers, he was on Survivor, he’s a SWAT cop, and he has the cutest little girls. He is on many covers and he is on my bookshelf HAHAH!

Charlie Dex Alexander– Y’all just don’t even know how sweet this guy is. I am so pissed we didn’t get a picture together at the book con in Alabama. It was the first and only time that I have met Charlie and I totally adore him. He sat with the three of us for a couple of hours in the hotel lobby drinking and talking. There was a group of us and we just had some great conversation and had a blast. I can’t wait to cross paths with him again! I am honored to call him my friend even though we live many states apart.<3

Then there are those I haven’t met– some I will hopefully be crossing paths with soon enough! All seem to be amazing people– can’t wait to get my hugs from all of them.

Just sending this warning to Justin James Cadwell (on my blanket and one of my favorite books of all time Seven by KD Robichaux) and Zach Fox– I will see you both in 25 days in Nashville and I am ready to squeeze the hell out of both of you. 🙂


If that’s not enough eye candy for you— here are some of my favorites from FuriousFotog for your absolute viewing pleasure LMAO!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!

*** Thank you Golden for letting me use your photos on my blog. Love you bunches!!***

❤ Smooches ❤

❤ Kim ❤

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