BOOK Cons!! not the bad side– conventions :)

Hey Y’all!!

So let’s talk book conventions. Have you ever been to one? I have been to only 5- Shameless 2017 & 2018, Book Obsessed Babes in St Augustine, Capital City in Montgomery Alabama, and Space Coast book lovers in Cape Canaveral. Most in Florida, because I didn’t want to travel alone, however I have found my ride or die book con partners and best friends and we are travelling everywhere now! Our adventures have just started and I can’t wait to see where this love of books and friendship takes us!!

What happens at a book con you ask? Well in my opinion it all depends on the event itself. Of the 5 that I have been to, they were all different. I will tell you about them 🙂

  1. Shameless!! The biggest signing I have ever been to and it will always be one I go to for a few reasons.  1. It was my first one and it popped my book signing cherry. 2. It is well attended by a wide variety of authors and readers, hell I met some book besties there that I still talk to. 3.  You don’t feel left out, or alone. It is a great event!
  2. BOB- Book Obsessed Babes in St. Augustine- This was just a signing for us, it was an up and back 1 day trip. We loved the signing, and met some great new people. Depending on the authors going in 2020 we may go back.
  3. Capital City Authors event in Montgomery Alabama- So this was our first out of state event!!! I was so fricken tired for this signing because of the trip that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have. Sleep is always your friend before these events! However with it being the first event it was extremely well ran, great VIP bag, and a huge variety of authors and lots of models. Randy and Michelle did a great job with this event and we are planning to go back in 2020.
  4. Space Coast Book Lovers– WOOHOO what a great event! If you didn’t go, you must go in 2020! It was 4 days and worth every penny  that we spent on the VIP ticket. Best all around event we have been to. They had a ton of activities geared not only toward buying books, but the reader as well. So well ran, the authors were fantastic and we just loved the whole experience. The only thing I would have changed about this event is a wider variety of authors. I am not saying the ones that were there weren’t great–they all were. However, I am not a huge paranormal reader and they were the majority of authors there. I like to have a good mix, but this didn’t have that. It didn’t stop our fun though and we did walk away with a ton of books! LOL We are going back in 2020… I am however going as an assistant to an author this time. 🙂 Can’t wait!!!

Next weekend we are heading up to Orlando for just a quick visit to the Indie Book signing event. We are not doing anything special for it, we are mainly going up to hug some people– seriously!!! HAHA

We are now gearing up for Naughty in Nashville in just 25 short days!!!! First– It is Nashville Y’all! We have never been there. We are so fricken excited about this and I can not wait! There are so many people that I can not wait to meet. WOOHOO!!!!! Let’s go baby!!!!

What else we have on schedule is Shameless in October in Orlando. Don’t have tickets to this event yet?? Click here to get yours. VIP is sold out, but the signing is great and a must attend event for me. Come find your Tribe!!! Trust me it is one not to miss– and find me while you are there, I would love to hug your neck!!!

Last thing we have scheduled and tickets bought for is Apollycon!!! OMG we are going to Apollycon….. I can’t believe that #1 we got tickets and 2 we are going!!!! I can’t wait.


Still debating on going to a book convention? Just do it!! They are so much fun–if you are shy, it will get you out of your shell, trust me. Go, have fun, meet some book besties, hug some authors… Here are some pictures from some of the events I have been to, Enjoy!!

❤ Smooches ❤

❤ Kim ❤

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