Shorty series by multiple authors!

Hey Y’all!

So I don’t know if you know this or not, but there are a few novella series out or coming out that are written by multiple authors that are fantastic and quick reads that are great for before bed or a quick read after work. I could even get through one of the books if I had an hour lunch time because a lot of them are under an hour to read.

The downside to some of them is that there really is no backstories, no buildup and most are insta-love types of reads. Some I found too short to really get into. Some were just a wham-bam-Thank you-mam type of reads too.

The one that is releasing TOMORROW by 8 authors- Marika Ray, Kelsie Rae, Christina Butram, Kiersten Modglin, Mysti Parker, Savannah Sloan, Marie Savage and Leanne Davis have been my favorite of this type of series. The whole series is written around a coffee shop called Lover’s Landing ran by a super sweet couple. You know I don’t like to give anything away but just know this coffee shop is “magical”.

You can read these books in any order you want, which I LOVE, because sometimes you don’t know the order and the characters overlap and you miss their story. The only overlapping people is the owners of Lover’s Landing. They all have plenty of story to get you hooked on the characters and get interest in them, but not too much story that you will get bored. I have read 6 of the 8 and the ones I have read were great!! They release TOMORROW!!


Since I loved this concept so much, I found another one- The Resolution Pact. This is a 15 book short story series. Some are way too short in my opinion because once I started to like the characters the book was over. They were wham-bam books. Most took me around 30 minutes to read. They were all based on a sorority sisterhood. Characters didn’t overlap, but some were mentioned in other books but nothing gave away anything from the other books. The Olivia Hawthorne one was my favorite of the 15, hers was the longest as well– just over an hour read. They are great for short reads before bed, before work, or on your lunch break.

Then I skipped backwards to Christmas. Santa’s Coming short series. One of the books, was written by an author that wrote in the Resolution Pact series, so the characters did overlap, but it wasn’t anything major. These were like the above where they are shorts, not even long enough to be considered novellas. They were cute for the most part but like the other, not long enough to really connect with the characters.

So if you are looking for some novellas or short stories, check out these series. They are all available on Kindle Unlimited. So check them out!!!

Thanks for listening to me 🙂 I hope you all have had a great week. It’s almost the weekend!! YAY

❤ Smooches ❤

❤ Kim ❤

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