Author Interview with the FABULOUS Kelsie Rae!!

Hey y’all!!

So, I have decided I want to bring authors to you this year on a personal note. I am sending out interview questions to them with hopes they will respond. If there are any questions you would like me to ask the authors, please let me know!!! I have a lot of great authors in the lineup for the interviews! I can’t wait!!!

So FIRST UP!! Is Kelsie Rae, in case you didn’t see, she has a new release Sophie which released yesterday January 10. It is so good, and you can check out my blog post about it by clicking HERE!

So now without further delay— Kelsie Rae!

Kelsie Rae (on the left)– Love her
When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
I don’t think I ever really considered myself a writer until after I published my first book. Before that, I was just an avid reader who decided to create a story one day. My first book, Liv, sat on my computer, finished, for almost a year before I even considered the possibility of it seeing the light of day. My husband didn’t even know about it until after it was written. So I think the answer for this question would be early 2018. Man, a lot has changed! 🙂
What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?
I’m a feast or famine type of girl. When I’m writing, I’m WRITING, ignoring everything else on my plate until it’s finished. My husband likes to tease that I’ve got a story on the brain and he’ll see me in a couple weeks. But there really is some truth to that. I’ll sneak away with my computer as often as I can until the story is finished. Then I take a break for a few weeks and focus on marketing, etc., before another story takes hold and it starts all over again.
What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
I’m a mom of three little monsters, so that takes up most of my time, and I absolutely love it! Those kiddos are my world! However, if they’re too cool to play or read a book with me, then I’m usually baking or devouring a romance novel. Or Netflix. Oh, how I love Netflix. 🙂
Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?
Ooo… good question! One of my favorite things to do is hide cameos of my readers in the stories. If you’re part of my reader’s group, Kelsie Rae’s Readers, then you’ll see me post random contests to see who gets to be part of my latest book.
What is the hardest scenes to write for you?
Hmmm… this question is tough! Probably the day-to-day stuff that isn’t super exciting. Usually I’m like “let’s get to the good part!!” but I have to take the reader through a story, which means there are little moments between point A and point B that I have to guide you through in order to get to the super fun stuff. Hopefully, that makes sense!
You are a newbie in the writing scene, what is one thing you want people to know about you?
Ummm…. I have no idea. haha I love talking to readers and getting to know them, so don’t be afraid to reach out!
In the world of romance, sex and heat sells, why do you write clean books? (not that I mind at all, they are a breath of fresh air in my opinion 🙂 
haha First, let me say that I read every romance genre, so I’m not an innocent little girl when it comes to sex scenes, but I wanted to write a book that had a deep emotional connection between characters without describing the explicit physical one, just to see what would happen. I’ve been overwhelmed with the success I’ve had, seeing reviews from readers expressing how refreshing my writing style was. That being said, I do plan on branching out this year and writing a few sex scenes *gasp* in my new series, but my Signature Sweethearts series will definitely stay clean. 🙂
How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?
I have one book (Hopefully it’ll turn into a duet) that I’m currently writing. It will hopefully be published June or July of this year.
How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?
I’ve written eight books, six of them have been published so far (including one novella.) It’s hard to say which is my favorite because I was in a different place with all of them. I love Liv because it’s the one that started it all. Breezy’s character from Book 2 is my hero for her sassy, no-filter, personality. Jude is refreshingly different, and I enjoyed the world building involved with creating a video game. Rhett was fun because I got to go to New York to do a little “research”, and Sophie? Well, that one has a fun little surprise that I LOVED writing about. 🙂
Who is your favorite author?
Rachel Van Dyken. I LOVE her writing style.
What is the last book that took your breath away?
Just finished Craft by Adrianna Locke. So so good!  (ok I’m getting that now!)
What’s for dinner tonight? What would you rather be eating instead?
My kids have an obsession with Chicken Wings, which is what we’re having tonight, but I’d prefer a burger and fries or pizza. (Classy. I know.)
Do you have a hidden talent no one knows about?
Where is your favorite place to write?
On my couch after the kids go to bed.
Is there something you collect? If so what is it?
Do puppies count?? I’m currently trying to twist my husband’s arm into letting me get a third. So far, he’s holding strong. Butthead.
What is your least favorite food?
Seafood. Yucky.
Would you rather write one truly heartstopping #1 best seller or write 100 books that everyone talks about and loves but none ever never hits top 100 list.
This is one of those “have your cake and eat it too” questions! Probably 100 books everyone loves, because I’m a huge fan of variety.
Would you rather always be an hour early or always 20 mins late?
Hour early. My mom was late to EVERYTHING and therefore, I’m the opposite.
Paper Back or Ebook?
Shower or Bath?
Coke or Pepsi?
Hot or Cold?
Movie or Book?
Thank you for taking the time to answer my wacky questions Kelsie! Good luck on your new release!!!! 🙂 Everyone click here to check out Sophie on Amazon. If you haven’t read anything by her, you MUST start at Liv, you can get it by clicking here. The entire Signature Sweethearts series is on KU 🙂
Thanks for interviewing me Kim!! I am so grateful for this amazing book world that I dove into last year! I couldn’t be luckier!
So there you have it Y’all! The very fabulous Kelsie Rae! I hope you enjoyed getting to know her a little bit as much as I did. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Shameless in Orlando this year and she was a wonderful person. I hope to get to spend some time with her in October at Shameless again!! I can’t wait to see her again.
Follow Kelsie on Amazon by clicking here  Follow Kelsie
Find the Signature Series on Amazon as well— all FREE in Kindle Unlimited 🙂
You can click on the book cover and it will take you to the book on Amazon where you can get it! I have them in order of how you want to read them.   Have a great weekend Y’all!!!!
Smooches  ❤ Kim ❤


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