2018 in books– a look back

Hey Y’all! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

I hope you all had a great Holiday season. I had a very uneventful season and I am ready to focus on 2019. I am excited to see what books will come across my kindle this year. There are so many books I am looking forward to and I hope that you are anticipating some good reads as well.

So in 2018 I read a total of 676 books. That was the official Goodreads total. I am happy to say I left reviews on each and every book that I read. It is my thanks to the authors for writing those books. They were all either KU reads or ARC’s.

I am looking forward to finding more authors this year. I found some amazing authors in 2018 and I consider them friends. My husband finds this hilarious, because I chat with them, support them and call them friends, but you know what, they are. I feel like I know them not only because I read their books, but because I interact with them on occasions as well. I am going to do a write up on them this week! I hope you will stick around and wait for that!!

2019 is hopefully going to bring some good and big things for KGBB! I want to introduce you to my author friends, I want you to get to know them and read their stuff. I am going to do more author interviews, and spotlights. I can’t wait to share them with you. I am also hoping to be more involved with the blog as well. I keep saying that, but this year, it is the plan.

So what did I read this year? I am going to try and post screenshot of my covers from 2018. I am attempting that now as I write this 🙂 I hope you will take a chance of some of these authors. I know that I have enjoyed the hell out of some of them.

So until next time! Smooches! Have a great day!

❤ Kim ❤

Check out all these covers!!! Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading001Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading002Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading003Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading004Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading005Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading006Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading007Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading008Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading009Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading010Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading011Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading012Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading013Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading014Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading015Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading016Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading017Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading018Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading019Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading020Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading021Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading022Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading023Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading024Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading025Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading026Goodreads_see_what_your_friends_are_reading027)

Goodreads_ see what your friends are reading

My 2018 Goodreads Book Challenge


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