Inquiring minds want to know!!– ok so I want to know :)

Hey Y’all!!

So I was sitting here getting ready to find a new book to read when a post came to my mind. So here is what I want to know!

What has been your favorite read from 2018? I have many on my list– over 600 books read by me, so it is always hard to think back to the beginning of 2018. I do have a couple of books that have stood out of the crowd for me. I am going to share 2 of them with you today. I want to know from you though, what books did you find that you just fell in love with? What book stole your heart? What book did you say, I can’t believe I waited this long to read this book?

I am going to share my 2 with you. This weekend I am going to share some new to me authors from this year that I think you will truly enjoy. Also, so series and books I think you must read.

I am so passionate about reading, and I wish I could put more time into share them with you. I am only one person, and I have alot of things going on right now in life, but I am going to do my best to try and do a write up a week.

#1 must read book of 2018- Heartbreak Warfare by Heather Orgeron and Kate Stewart  — I’m telling you right now, if you have not read this book, get out your kindle and get it! Truly is my favorite read of the year. I thought that I had read it, but it was another book with the same title by a different author (that one is amazing as well! Just saying) This book, man! It is just so good.. You must read it.


#2 I actually just finished this book. It is That Was Yesterday by HJ Bellus. It is her newest release and it was amazing. There were so many levels and depths to this book, and I loved them all. It is one that will steal your heart for sure.



So my PC is going to restart on me, so I must go before that happens and I lose all this work. Leave me some comments either here on this post, or in the facebook share about your favorite read of the year. I am always looking for a new read!!!


Have a great day Y’all!


❤ Kim  ❤

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