Some dirty dirty and violent read suggestions :)


ey Y’all!

So, I have been in a real mood lately, and the last thing I have been wanting to read is something sticky sweet and overly romantic. I have been in the mood for a hot and dirty book and I have found the perfect writers to give me what I was wanting and I am going to share that with you right now!!

If you haven’t read Izzy Sweet & Sean Moriarty you are seriously missing out, especially when it comes to hot and violent! I have read 2 entire series by them in the last 5 days, and I want more more more!! Alpha males, MMA and Disciples 🙂 man I loved them.

So here I am to pimp them out a bit– not only are they great writing together, but they are super cool people on top of it all. I have met them twice now and this year hung out with them a bit on the patio of the hotel. They are awesome, and great people and I can’t wait to hang with them again.

So here are some books to check out— If you are a KU reader, they are ALL on KU… if you’re not, you should be if you read a lot! It is so worth it, especially for me.


MMA Series that I absolutely LOVED!!!!


Then you have the Disciples– If you are not into violence, these books are not for you– but they sooooo worked for me!! I know there are more books coming from this series too– no cliffhangers, just hot hot sex and a lot of killing and beatings. Think Mafia books.


So check them out– I am looking for another one of theirs right now, I just wanted to share the wealth with you and the love that I had for these books. NO, they did not influence me to read these at all– I just happened to remember Stealing Amy and Banging Reaper that I had read before and the mood I have been in, looked them up again and read away.


Check them out today if you are looking for a new hot read!

Hope you all have a great day!!

Smooches ❤

❤ Kim ❤

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