Book of the YEAR!!!! read on …..

Hey Y’all!!!!

So I am just going to start this by saying, I thought that I had read this book…. but guess what I hadn’t!! I mean shit, I read so many books, and see so many facebook posts and have seen the cover of this book so many times, that in my mind I had read it already, and damn was I wrong.

I am so glad that I read this book when I did, it was just the type of book that I was looking for. You know, when you have your mind in a certain way, and you just need that book that will open your emotions up and allow you to breathe in a certain way? Ok, do I sound crazy? HAHA! I read so many books, and sometimes I am just in it for the laugh, or the hard grittiness of a MC books, or the hardcore BDSM book, or even the fantasy of a shifter book, but I was in the mood for a soul gripping, heart wrenching novel and boy let me tell you something, I found it and found it hardcore in this book… WHICH BOOK KIM?!?!?!  I know you are dying to know right?  Ok so here it is my pick for the best book of the year…. wait for it…..



Heartbreak Warfare by Heather M Orgeron and Kate Stewart

If you have not read this yet— get it NOW!! Bonus– it is a KU read!!!

So, first off, the cover is HOT! HEHE– next this book will rip you to shreds! It is so full of emotion, angst, and heat. I mean it is hard to find a military romance that rips into your soul the way this one did to me. It took me about 6 hours to read it, it is a long book. I stayed up as late as I could last night to get as far as I could. It was one of those ok, one more chapter then I will go to bed… yup 46 chapters later at 1am my head hit the pillow and I still didn’t want to put it down. I read it NON STOP! It is that one book you will NOT want to put down and you will binge read until the end… so make sure you have the time to do that before you open it up..

I cried so damn hard, my heart cracked in so many ways this book just reached in and grabbed my heart and held on tight. There is no way, NO WAY I wasn’t going to tell you all about this book.

You know, if you have read any of my blogs that I will NOT and refuse to give ANYTHING about a book away. I don’t want to spoil a damn minute of a book for you and I refuse to do it for this one. You will regret it if you don’t get this one. I promise you, this book will touch you in a way no other book has in a long time. My heart is in these characters, all of them and I am having a hard time letting them go.

So enough rambling from me, go get this book now!! Trust me it is worth the time you will veg out on the couch, a chair or in bed reading it. It will keep you awake and you won’t want to put it down.



That’s all for now!! Make sure you go to my blog group Kg Book Blog for a couple of signed paperbacks giveaway!!!!

Until next time Y’all!

Smooches  ❤


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