I don’t know what happened ?!?!?! Book review- and more

Hey Y’all

So as you saw before, I lost a cover reveal in my email—I just went through and purged the entire box and noticed I missed a few things in my email. Ughhhhh I hate when that happens especially when it means I shorted an author on my blog and in reviews. I think I made up on the reviews, but the blog posts I did not and I feel about..this big….. UGHHHHHHHHHH I am so mad at myself right now. Damn!!

So I missed that cover reveal by Jeanette and Lauren for Bryce– Comes out on November 12 by the way!!EEEKKKK that’s next week BTW..

Now I noticed I missed the release of Rhett by Kelsie Rae— I mean SERIOUSLY!! I am SOOOO Sorry Kelsie!! I reviewed it on Goodreads, but it never made it to Amazon or here on the blog. I did the cover reveal, but I am getting with the excitement from Shameless I forgot all about her and this book. So guys— check out this book… Seriously, I love her work. If you are a romance reader and you don’t like the sexy smutty scenes, or if you just like a break from them every now and then like I do and like to focus more on the romance part of the relationships, then Kelsie Rae books are for you. I love her stuff and it is always very well written. So if she is new to you, check her out.. If you love her stuff— you’re welcome 🙂 If not, don’t ever talk to me again (HEHE Just kidding, everyone is entitled to their opinion).

So here is Rhett! what I thought about it— now click on ththe picture below and go get him.. He is on KU!! I loved him so much!

My review of Rhett!

A clean romance that will make you totally 100% fall in love with Rhett. I loved his morals and his love he holds onto and hides. Love the chemistry in this book and the sweetness Rhett holds. One of my favorites, he just became one of my favorite book boyfriends to date.




Kim ❤

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