Introducing- Marika Ray!

Hey Y’all!

So I wanted to introduce you all to a newer to me author I found this year. Her name is Marika Ray and she writes contemporary romance books.

I found her on a book challenge I believe. That is what I think at least–HA! All I know is that one book and I loved her style. She writes a series on lifeguards which is hot! More of what I liked though was the connection with all of the characters throughout the entire series. You don’t lose any characters, you actually gain a couple which is cool. They have a Beach Squad and the continuation of the story throughout the series is wonderful and it will keep you into the loop. Starting with the first book through the last one, that squad keeps growing, cementing themselves into family and I enjoyed the connection with them all. Even through the last book which I received an ARC for and it is such a great series ender.

I met Marika at this years Shameless Book Convention. She was the first author I hugged actually- She walked past me while I was in line, and I sent her a facebook message. LOL! I said ” I see You”  nope, not creepy at all LOL.. She found me in the crowd and came over and hugged me so tight. It was awesome, she is such a great down to earth woman and I really enjoyed chatting with her and seeing her. Hopefully next year we can hang out a little more.

I messaged her last night and asked her if I could interview her and feature her today in the blog and she said yes! So here are 10 questions with Marika Ray!

Me: Why or what made you decide to get into writing?
Marika: I’ve always loved writing and use it as a form of therapy. My first memory of writing was when I was super little on my parent’s first computer. Remember those huge floppy drives? No? Just me? lol About a year and a half ago, my daughter was having a hard time getting to sleep at night so I’d tell her stories to get her mind to settle. Well, one night, out popped a story about a lifeguard in Huntington Beach saving a woman. From there, we added onto the story each night. I got a wild idea to write it all down and see if I could write a book! Apparently, I could as I’m about to release my 7th book!

Me: Who are some of your favorite authors?
Marika: Penny Reid, Susannah Nix, Jami Albright, LM Halloran, Kristen Ashley, Kandi Steiner…so many, I know I’m missing quite a few!!

Me: Who or what has influenced your writing?
Marika: I wish I had the way with words that Penny Reid has. Her books are funny, yet poignant and intelligent. But then LM Halloran will get me with the romantic suspense and make me ask “what if?” when I’m writing a story.

Me:  Do you have a favorite character of yours?
Marika: My favorite character is Bailey. She speaks her mind in a way we all wish we could. You know how someone says something to you and three hours later you think of the perfect response? Bailey instantly has a comeback. She teases, she can be a bit scathing, but she’s also a big softie underneath it all.

Me: How long does it typically take you to write a book?
Marika: Sometimes months, other times I finish a book in three weeks. Depends on my schedule, my determination, and how into the story I am. I shoot for 2k words written per day, 5 days per week. I had a long flight the other day and got over 5k words, but those days are rare.

Me: What’s your favorite place in the world?
Marika: The beach!!!!

Me: Favorite food?
Marika: Chocolate, hands down. Even over coffee, so you know it’s true love.

Me: Favorite color?
Marika: Blue like the ocean!!

Me: Where do you like to write?
Marika: My couch or the library or a coffee shop. When I need to really get the words in, I go somewhere without wifi so I can focus. Otherwise social media sucks up all my time.

Me:  What’s next for you since the Beach Squad is over?
Marika: That’s the million dollar question!! lol I’m working on a ton of projects, actually. I have a co-authored RomCom coming out in January, a small town novella in a connected series with other authors coming out in February, March will most likely be a sweet romance about a widower (over halfway done writing that one), and then after that probably alternating releases of RomComs and sweet romances. : ) I have a couple other books on the back burner that I haven’t decided what to do with yet. So many ideas, too little time!



Marika and I at Shameless October 2018!!


Make sure you check out her Beach Squad Series. I recommend reading them in order. Click the links below to get them today! They are KU books for all my KU Readers out there 🙂

Sweet Dreams Book 1511Bw5SNzDL




Beach B!tch Book 2


Barefoot Chaos Book 3



Beach Bum Billion-Heiress Book 4



Brighter than the Boss


I hope you take a chance on Marika and her Beach Squad Series! It is one of my favorite series. Talk to you all soon!!!

Smooches ❤



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