New book suggestions

Hey Y’all!


So, my in-laws have been in town for almost a month now and I haven’t been reading as much as I usually do. Plus with the Shameless Weekend last weekend, my book count is way down for the month of October. I would be surprised if I even got 20 books in. I am suffering major book withdraws!!!


So on that note, I haven’t been searching too much for books. What I have been doing is going off what Amazon has suggested that I read. Sometimes I get a good books, but most of the time there are just good reads, good story lines but nothing that blows me away. I don’t want to leave you hanging on book choices though, so here are two books I have read recently that I really liked. I have a couple of posts I want to make about specific books though- I may get to it today.


Tackle by Jacob Chance– LOVED this, but I love everything by Jacob Chance. I am a huge fan of everything he writes, but I do love sports romances. Check this one out– it’s on KU!!


Accidental Protector by Nicole Snow– Awesome book!! It has just enough suspense and keep you on the edge of your seat that I like in a book.


I hope you like my recommendations- as always they are all on Kindle Unlimited. Remember you can get a months free trial by clicking here…


I hope you decide to check out one of these books. They are both great and I enjoyed both of them. I have a few more to tell you about later, maybe this weekend. Tomorrow, I will be introducing you to a couple of new authors that I am sure you will love as much as I do!!


Until then!


Smooches ❤




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