My personal Shameless reads challenge

Ok, so I have talked about it for a long time, I am heading to the Shameless book convention in October and I am super excited about it. I have shared with you some of the books that I have read from my own personal challenge to try and read a book by every author that had either a free book, or one on KU. I have gotten through the very LONG list and have gotten through all of them. YAY!!  I will go back through, especially to the ones I didn’t get and see if they currently have a freebie, or a KU book that I missed, or if I just totally missed them all together. It was a longggg list and I am human and miss things sometimes.


I have read a total of 81 authors from the list! YES 81 since July. Being back at work, and school back in, my reading time has slowed down tremendously. So my numbers are not real high.. Here is what I have read though! I am excited to share them with you. I wish I would have did like other challenges and copies the links to each book, but I didn’t think about it until I made this list the other day. Each book also got a review from me. If you would like to check out some of my reviews, you can check out my Goodreads Profile HERE or Click HERE for my Amazon profile for my reviews.


Thanks for checking out my blog!!




Author Name Book Title
A Zavarelli Beast
AD Justice Crazy Series
Alessandra Torre Love Chloe
Alex Greyson Shatter Me
Alexa Riley What HAVENT I read of hers?!?!?!
Alison Mello Again– What HAVENT I read of hers?!?!
Aly Martinez Singe
Amber Bardan His Temptation
Brittany Crowley Caged
Cat Johnson Night with a SEAL
Celia Aaron Cleat Chaser
Chelle Bliss Throttle Me
Cindi Madsen Counterfeit Boyfriend
Dee Palmer Wanted
Elizabeth SaFleur White House gets a Spanking
Elle Boon Lyrics Accidental Mate
Fiona Davenport Fathers Rival
Gina Maxwell Merciless
Isabel Love Unconventional
Izzy Sweet & Sean Moriaty Keeping Lilly
Jane Anthony Secret Promises
Jenna Bayley-Burke Caribbean Caress
Jenna Jacob Embracing my Submission
Jennifer Michael Bold
JL Berg When You’re Ready
JM MAdden Wish Upon a SEAL
JM Walker Greyson
Julia Sykes Wounded Hearts
Julie Morgan Concubine & Her Vampires
Kandi Steiner On the Way to You
Karen Stivali Meant to Be
Kate Allure Laying Pipe
Kate Meader In Skates Trouble
Katie Askley The Hard Way
KC Lynn Ultimate Sacrifice
KD Robichaux Uhhhh I have read it all.. dUHHH LOL
Kelly Elliott Unconditional Love
Kinberly Kincaid Skin Deep
KK Allen Dangerous Hearts
Kym Grosso Kade’s Dark Embrace
LA Fiore Beautifully Damaged
Laurelin Paige One More Time (?)
Lauren Campbell The Evolution of Ivy
Lauren Rowe Hero
Leddy Harper Roomate Disagreement
Leela Lou Dahlin Haught Date
Lexi Foss The Prince’s Game
Mariana Zepata Dear Aaron
Marni Mann Signed
Melanie Moreland Started with a Kiss
Melissa Toppen The Road to You
Milly Taiden Twice the Growl
Molly O’Keefe The Tycoon
Noelle Bodhaine The Curve
Olivia Cunning Backstage Pass
PT Michelle Harm’s Hunger
Renee Harless Coming Alive
Rochelle Paige Sucked into Love
Ruth Cardello Maid to the Billionaire
Saffron A Kent The Unrequited
Samatha Christy Catching Caden and more!!
Sara Jane Stone Cinderella Fantasy
Stacey Lynn Remembering Us
Stacy Kestwich Drumline
Stasia Black The Virgi and the Beast
Stephanie St Klaire DILF Oh Baby
Susan Sotker Defending Allye
Terri E Laine Blinded by You
TL Smith Black
Willow Winters Mr. CEO
Alexis Anne Tease
Anna Edwards Surrendered Control
B Cranford About Time
Brooke O’Brien Torn Duet
Danielle Normal Enough
DB JAmes Rhys
Fiona Cole Voyer
Jessica Marin Heartbreak Warfare
KC Enders Twist
Kelsie Rae ALL 4 of her Books!!
Marika Ray Beach Squad #1-3

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