The Perfect Duet by Meghan Quinn

Ok Y’all…. I have just read the BEST damn duet books EVER!!! I do not know how in the hell Meghan Quinn does it, but these two books are so unbelievably amazing I just had to share them with you!

I will not give a thing away about the books, except to say that I loved Ryan’s character (female). I saw so much of myself in her and it just seriously hit home for me. The way she wrote her and her “issues” made me fall in love with her character. I just loved this book!

Just like always, you will not get a plot, or spoilers from me… I will tell you there is a ton of hot sex in both of these books. The cover model makes the perfect view as well… man is he delish! If you like fighter pilots, rough childhoods, best friends, and tons of heat in books, you will love this duet. Best part is both books are out and she didn’t make us wait long to get to the end.

So for this long weekend, veg out and get both of these books! They are a sure bet for a great read!! Read the Left side before the Right side… 🙂   Links are below for you. They are both KU books too!!!!




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