Shameless authors books!!

Hey y’all!!

So, I am back to work after a long summer off and tons of books read. I have slowed down on my posts and I am super sorry about that, I have slowed down on my books as well.

I wanted to update you, and I came up with a better way to send out the books that I have read…. maybe!! My brain is pretty fried from working, it is tough working with elementary kids all day.

So this weekend, I will sit down and list all of the books by Shameless attending authors that I have read. All of them have either been free, or on KU.. I may have bought 2 because I had to see how the series ended LOL. I will also post a link to my goodreads, and Amazon profile page where you can see my reviews. They go to both places. I really don’t write the best reviews, but I try, I mean if I could write good ones, I would be able to do this a little better too…

I never know what to say, and I never want to ruin any part of the book for you all. The reviews are pretty vague, but will tell you if I liked it or not. If I use the word AMAZING, it truly in my eyes was and I loved it. You can always tell by that if I thought it was spectacular at all.


I hope you all have a great day today and I look forward to sending the book list out to you. I have been taking notes on what book I read and by what author. I will also try to link the books in the post, it will be a LONG post!!


Ok, gotta run to the store and grab some food for dinner.



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