My Shameless reads part 3!

Hey Y’all!

So I have been at band camp all week so I am not reading as much and it is killing me! There are so many books that I have on TBR list and not enough time to get them all in this week. However I have read some absolutely amazing books since the last time I spoe with you all. SO!! Here is a list of them.

I know I said I was only going to read one book by each author, well these damn authors know how to write such amazing books, and the series I have reached out to read are so amazing as well, I couldn’t stop at one book. So the list I have for you is 2 series that I LOVED!!


  1. T.L. Smith – Her Black series… 3 books, Black, Red and White–  The 3 book in this series are dark, very dark and you must read them in order. I Loved all of the characters in these stories and in the final book White, Jake got his story. I loved everything about Black and his connections to Red, and everything in between. I cried throughout the ending of book 1, and there were many times in book 2 there were tears. This book has a way to draw you in. A must read in my opinion! Book one is free, books 2 and 3 are $3.99 each, but you can buy the box set cheaper
  2. A.D. JusticeCrazy Maybe and Crazy Baby book one and two of the Crazy series. A true 5 star series. There is so much emotion inside of this book that it was hard at times to read. I enjoyed it immensely and it is a must read in my opinion. There are many issues covered in this book and it is so good. Please take the time to read, it is just that good.
  3. A. ZavarelliBeast DARK dark dark romance that is fantastic. This book made me fall in love with a good dark romance. I love it and everything about it. It is almost like a modern day Beauty and the Beast, very loosely adaptation, but the themes are there and I loved it. A must read for you Dark book lovers, and who knows it may convert you to love a good dark romance.

This is all for right now. I really want to tell you about the Jaded Series by Alex Greyson, but I am one book away from the finish and the last book is the book that I wanted to be the second book. I can see why it is where it is in the series though! I can’t wait to tell you about it.

All of the above books are a little dark if not a hard dark. It was the mood I was in and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the books listed above. I can not wait to meet these authors in October at Shameless!!!

Ok, work is calling… back to band camp  ughhhhhh



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