Shameless reads part deux!

Hey again Y’all

So I have been busy reading books from authors that will be attending the Shameless Book Convention (SBC) all week. I have come across more authors that I have never read before. I been having fun discovering these new authors, and I am having a hard time just reading one book by them. Some of these books have been so amazing that I want to keep reading more by them, but I want to get in as many authors I can so I have had to put my desire to read more by them to the back burner… I can’t wait to get to more by some of them.

So here are some new books for you to check out. All are either free or available on KU (kindle unlimited)

Elle BoonLyric’s Accidental Mate– If this book is like everything she writes, then I must read everything! This book took 2 genres of romance that I binge on sometimes and combined them into one amazing book. She took and MC book and combined it with a shifter book. What else, she made that shifter book different in the fact that they are usually male shifters looking for mates. This one starts with a female shifter Lyric. It is so good and let me tell you this woman can write a killer hot sex scene. It was steamy, with a hint of danger and I loved everything about it! Check it out for sure it is FREE on amazon!!!


Dee PalmerWanted: Wife 4 Navy Seals – This book is scorching hot!! Plus the girl is British and you all know how much I love that, when I read I sometimes hear that accent in my head.. Yup a dream of mine to go to England!  Anyway, this book is a reverse harem standalone book. One girl, 4 guys. There are some super super hot scenes in this book and there are some threesomes and foursomes. All focused on her and there are no M/M scenes. This book had me on the edge of my seat and I was boohoo crying and clutching my chest toward the end, I saw it coming too and I was not looking forward to it. I WILL NOT ruin this book for you… so I will give NOTHING away. I have my favorite of the 4 and he became my favorite the minute he was introduced in the book. There are twists and turns in this book that will leave you speechless. I want more, and I want this to be a book series so bad!! This book is a KU book and if you are not a KU subscriber, it is only $3.99.. well worth it and it has a bonus book in the back.


Renee Harless Coming Alive   So this book was ok. As you can tell by me saying just ok, it was lacking something for me. I enjoyed the story line, there was just that something missing for me. I hate to say bad things about books, because the author takes all that time writing, pouring their heart and soul into it and sometimes for me it just misses. This book missed for me, and I am not saying that it is a bad book in any way… it just missed and I couldn’t make the connection that I like to make with books. It had a great story line and premise, she needs to “come alive” and the thought of everything happens for a reason comes into play for me in this book. There is heat, there is love, but there is devastation and heartbreak, it truly was a sad book in a lot of ways.  I just needed more from it. Don’t hesitate though if you like a good, sad, and overcoming obstacles book, this is one of those. It is not free or on KU but it is only $3.99 on Amazon.


So that is it for today.. I have more in my kindle to read and I think I am going for Cat Johnsons Night with a Seal next.. I love military books because usually they contain a super strong alpha male and hot scenes.

So give me a couple of days and I will let you know what else I have come up with. I have to get some project done around the house because work starts up again in 1.5 weeks…. I have really enjoyed my summer and I don’t want to go back HAHA!!


Leave me some comments or something so I know you’re reading my blog! I would love to hear from you.



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