Gearing up for Shameless!!

Hi Y’all!

So like I said in my last post, I am gearing up for the Shameless book convention (SBC)in Orlando on October 19th. I am so excited about this, and I am wanting to get to know more authors than I did last year. So, I have started reading books by the authors that will be featured there. Of course there are a couple authors that I have read before and even met before, so I will share their work as well. This blog post will be about known to me authors and a couple of new to me authors. Most books I will post about right now will be on Kindle Unlimited, but some will not be.

Are you ready to learn about some amazing authors that write some outstanding books?? The authors names will be links to their Amazon page so you can check out their books easily! Here we GO!!

Alison Mello– This woman is AMAZING! I met her last year at SBC and she is truly amazing. We have kept in touch via Facebook, and I can’t wait to meet up with her again. We may even have plans to try and hang out together at another convention coming up in Tampa!! I hope it works out, because it would be an awesome experience for me to sit with her all day long.

She writes a lot of military romances and they are great. She is getting into the sports romances as well and will be having a new release coming up in August. I started with her Club Thrive series which is great, but I also haven’t read a book by her that I didn’t like. My suggestion is to start with Shattered Souls or her recent sports romance Refuse to Lose. I loved both of those and they are my two favorites from her. I have lots of love for this lady and I do consider her a friend of mine.

KD Robichaux– Another Author that I met last year at SBC. I knew about her long before SBC because I fell in love with her Club Alias series. OH SEVEN!! Hehehe! If you are into BDSM books, this is a great series and I consider it a must read. She also has a cool trilogy called the Blogger Diaries about her own life and romance with her husband. Check her out, she is a cool chick and I adore her. I enjoy her writing style as well.


Those are 2 spotlights I wanted to make on authors I have read before and will be seeing again at SBC ’18. I will continue to spotlight more known to me authors as I go along in this process to introduce you to them. I hope you take the time to check out some of their books.

NOW!! New to me authors!!

Jessica Marin– She is going to be a spotlight author at this years SBC and I am super excited to meet her. She has one book out right now called Heartbreak Warfare and it is PHENOMENAL!!! I actually just finished it before writing this blog. It is about Cal Harrington and Jenna. They meet by chance in first class on their way to Vegas both for work. She is an event planner, him an actor. If you have ever read a review by me, you know I HATE to give anything away about a book, so I will just tell you this is a MUST read. I loved her writing style and the way she took the book and made it a few year journey. The twists and turns will leave you wanting more more more. It was an honest 5 star read. I really enjoyed it and I hope you check it out!!!


Sara Jane Stone– Another new to me author. She wrote a CINDERELLA story!!!! It is called The Cinderella Fantasy I LOVE everything Disney related and this was packed full of references and cool stuff. I really enjoyed reading this book and found myself smiling through the entire thing. I loved how she plays Cinderella for her job, and she visits hospitals and is different princesses for parties. It was a cute and interesting twist to the cinderella aspect of a story. It is also a best friends sister story, and I love those as well. HEHE… you never know how the brother is going to react.


Ruth CardelloMaid for the Billionaire is the book that I read from her. This book was exciting. A fill in for my sister on her job so she doesn’t get fired book. I love Alpha males and the lead in this book is just that, but aren’t most billionaire book leads? It was an interesting story, and after looking at her author page, I have determined that I need to read more from her. MAN are her book covers HOT!!! hehe


That is it for now! I really hope you check out a few of these authors and make them new to you as well. All of the above authors are either on KU or have a book for free in their collection with the exception of one and her book is only $2.99 and it is worth every penny!!!

Renee Harless will be up next for me, then I have a long list of authors that I will be checking out.

I can’t wait to get my arms around all of these authors in October for some huge hugs!! I’m so excited.

Talk to you all in a few days!



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