Upcoming Shameless Book Convention!!

Hi Y’all!!

So I am gearing up for the upcoming Shameless Book Convention in Orlando, Florida October 19-21!  Last year I attended and it was my first ever book convention. It was an amazing experience for me. As you know, I am a HUGE reader. I read an average of about 20 books a week. During the summer because there is no work for me, I read a lot more. I love to read new authors and check out books from them. Meeting them is so cool and chatting with them is awesome.

I have gotten to know a few select authors very well in the last 4 years of reading. Mostly within the last couple of years. Some I consider friends even though I haven’t met them yet. I will always cover their books, and leave reviews for them. I am going to be doing better about blogging, and at least try to post once per week, if not more.

This is how it’s going to work!

Starting today, I am going to be focused on reading from authors that will be attending Shameless. I am so excited about it because there are so many authors attending that I have never read before. I am thinking about posting 2 times a week, featuring the books I am reading leading up to the convention, that way once I come back and share all of my selfies with authors, you will know who I am talking about!


So bring on the books. I have a list already from authors responding to my Facebook post to start this week off right. I am one book in already. HAHA! Authors, if you are going to be attending, I will try to get to you. Last year it was how I made a good friend. I started with the A’s, and when I met Alison Mello, I knew who she was, and what she wrote. I was excited and now she is what I consider a friend. If I don’t get to you, I am sorry.. School is getting ready to start, but I should get to at least one book from almost everyone.  The countdown is on!

Want to know more about Shameless?? Want to go? It is SO MUCH FUN!! Here is a link where you can purchase a ticket to go and meet me there. 🙂 You can look back on past posts from October of last year and see the pictures from it. It should be one of my first ever blog posts. I would love to meet a new face or two.  Have a great week everyone and I will chat with you later this week about what I have already read.


OH! I did win the June book challenge from Book Nerd Chatter!! 🙂 I read 103 books in the month of June. Yes, I read every one of them and left reviews.


Smooches 🙂



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