New Release— Toxic by HJ Bellus and Kathy Coopmans–GIVEAWAY !!

Hey again Y’all!

Just wanted to share a new release book with you. This one is NOT a KU book, I know, I usually just share KU books with you, but this one is amazing. It is a collaboration between 2 authors that I just love, HJ Bellus and Kathy Coopmans.

Toxic- such a great book and one that I couldn’t put down.  This is what I wrote as a review for it…

A story that has so many elements to it. I absolutely loved the story of Maria and Alex. Alex, son of a mafia man and Maria the country bumpkin with the voice of an angel. A pairing you wouldn’t expect but their chemistry is off the charts. Major twist toward the end of the book will keep you at the edge of your seat. It is always great to have that bit of suspense even in a great romance book. Every thing about this book is great. Bellus and Coopmans make a perfect cowriting pair again in this book. Loved it, a must read!

I don’t like to go into much detail in a review, I don’t like to give much away and I also don’t want to piss off the author for giving too many details away (yes this has happened).

So I tend to keep them short and if I liked it or not. Reviews help the authors, so if you read a book, take a minute to write a short review. It can be super short.

Good Part the GIVEAWAY!!!

I am going to giveaway one ebook copy of Toxic!! YES, it is so good, I want someone to have it. So here is what you have to do, please make sure you do ALL of the steps!

  1. Like my Blog Facebook Page
  2. Like this post! or love it 🙂
  3. Comment on this post. You can just say hi, or anything you want.
  4. Share this post. I want a lot of people to have the chance to win this book.


So I am going to put the rest of the info about the book below. Check it out!

Have a good night everyone 🙂





H.J. Bellus (Goodreads Author),
Kathy Coopmans (Goodreads Author)
 4.75  ·   Rating details ·  83 Ratings  ·  68 Reviews
I’m toxic. She’s pure. I can’t stay away.

I saved a life by taking another. It throttled me into a vortex of endless darkness with booze and sex as my only solace.

Until her.

Maria Richards brought light back into my life even through my drunken haze. For weeks, I treated her like trash. Felt guilty as hell the moment I left her bed and breakfast.

Life has a funny way of bringing back your past sins. A second chance with Maria stumbles in my path. It’s time to right my wrongs and be the man I burn to be.

I’ve never believed in redemption, and now it’s my only hope.



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