Happy Easter!!– My book challenge (why I’ve been quiet)

Hey Y’all!!

So I have been quiet here for the month of March and I am sorry about that. I was in a book challenge trying to win! HAHA!! I love to win, I doubt that I will, but I did the best that I could for the month.

If you love to read, and have KU make sure you join the Book Nerd Challenge group on Facebook and join the monthly challenges. The prize for March and April is a  $300 Amazon gift card. It is the one with the most books wins.  You will also get a ton of freebies and chances to win things as well. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. Here is a link to the group…  https://www.facebook.com/groups/125808061142695/?ref=bookmarks

I am going to link the document of the books that I read here in case you want to check them out and the reviews. There wasn’t a book that I didn’t like. I fell in love with a couple of authors along the way as well.

C.A. Harms

Jo Raven

Kathy Coopmans

They were 3 that I had not read yet and fell in love with. Can’t wait to read more by them.

Check out the 60 books that I read for this challenge..



I was a great challenge and since I challenge the kids at my school, I figured I would join one as well.

Have a great Easter everyone and check out a new author or two this month. I enjoyed finding a couple new ones.

You will be seeing some posts from me soon with some new books that I put off until this challenge was over.

Have a great day Y’all



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