New Release! ON KU!! Mail Ordered Bride by Tori Baker

Ok everyone, so I dropped the ball on this one.. I am so sorry!!! I lost it in my full email box, but found it today..
This is such a CUTE book!! A quickie that I considered a great read.  What happens when a girl flys to Alaska to be with a man not knowing her friend expects her to marry the guy AND she told him all kinds of stuff about her that are not true. This friend is an older lady as well, so she was telling him all kinds of things. I laughed so much during those parts of this book. HAHA! He is super hot ALpha that is just waiting for her. Then he realizes something is off with her because she doesn’t seem anything like the letters she was sending him.
Loved this one! Check it out– it is available NOW!!!
Title: Mail Ordered Bride
Author: Tory Baker
Genre: Romance
Release Date: February 7, 2018
In the wilds of Alaska single women are few and far between. An online site to find the perfect bride seems ridiculous, but Stone is willing to give it a try. 

As he looks at Carly’s pictures and reads her words, he’s convinced she’s the one. 

He spends his nights imagining what it will be like to finally touch her, to sink inside and hear her cry out his name. 

When she finally gets there she’ll be lucky if he doesn’t tie her to his bed. 
Too bad the woman getting off the plane is not the one he agreed to marry.

Tory likes to write quick romantic stories that make her smile. 


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