ARCs and a series consume my weekend reading…

Hey everyone!!

So I want to share with you all the reads I have been consumed with this weekend. Nope, didn’t get a thing done around the house because my nose has been buried in my kindle. Here is what I have for you.. a TON of MUST READS!!!

Cruz- by HJ Bellus  Coming soon release date February 13th! MARK YOUR CALENDARS and Pre-Order

If I had a link, I would give it to you because this is a must read by the awesome HJ Bellus. One of my most favorite authors. A go to when ever she has a new book out.


Cruz– oh and I am in love with him. Layla comes home to find out her beloved Grandmother is the the hospital. She has been away from home for a long time working as a nurse to get away. She loves her grandmother with all her heart and when she doesn’t make it she falls apart. Cruz a new fighter that her father trains is there to pick her up off the floor, (literally) He becomes her rock, her friend. Cruz a fighter still suffering from the loss of his father knows about grief. He is there to pick Layla up, get her drunk to forget and become her friend. He wants to help her get through this. What happens in this book is magic! There is past betrayal that comes up, love, friendships, and more. A book I could not put down and would read over and over again.

Oh and did I mention an appearance from some of her past characters from other books toward the end. I love when that happens!!! A must must read from HJ Bellus coming out February 13! Add it to your TBR on Goodreads...

Next Arc I read was

The Nanny by Aria Ford out today!!


What would a father do if his daughter was in danger of being taken? He has been through so many nanny’s in the past, will this one stay? He wasn’t expecting a young woman when he opened the door. What he saw was a gorgeous young woman that he found irresistible. He couldn’t act on his feelings so he was rude with her.

All she wanted to do was take care of the young girl. She instantly bonded with her. She didn’t know danger was involved and that this beautful 10 year old was in danger..

What will happen? It is a great story I loved it. Check it out on Amazon today!!


Last but it is the longest is the #(Hashtag series) by Cambria Hebert

I am almost through the entire series! Just this weekend– yeah I know I read too much! HAHA

I am starting book 8 after this blog. The books are not standalones and you must not read them out of order.

#Nerd This is the first book where you will be introduced to the 4 main characters of the series. You meet Romeo, Rimmel, Braeden and Ivy. They will be the main 4 throughout all 6 books. #nerd starts the story of Romeo and Rimmel, their story is 3 books long and the next 3 are a mix but focus mostly on Braeden and Ivy.

These books are full of love, devotion, friends that turn into family and so much more. There is suspense, and everything you love in a book. Little bits of heat as well. I am so attached to these characters! I can’t read anything else until I am finished and the books keep coming and coming! HA! They were released in 2015 and I am glad that I just found them so I wasn’t waiting to see what happened. Check them out, you won’t regret it! I love it..

Start with #Nerd and keep reading and don’t stop until you are done!!!!

So that’s a what I have been reading this weekend. I really hope you check them all out. They are all on KU also. You know how I love my KU books!

Have a great week everyone!!!


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