Upcoming Release: Under The Stars by Tia Louise (Jan 22)

So hey everyone!! Happy FriYAY!

It is so nice being done with work for the week, it sure seemed like a super long week.

So, I read Under the Stars by Tia Louise.. It is the sequel to Under the Lights. This book is set 5 years after the ending of Under the Lights. If you haven’t read Under the Lights, it is mandatory that you do that because Under the Stars is not a stand-a-lone.

I must say I was super excited to get this ARC and to read it. I was sucked in at the end of Under the Lights. Let me give you a recap of the first book first.

Under the Lights is a suspenseful book set in a burlesque club in NOLA. It was a book I was off and on interested in. I would get into it, then lose it. I don’t know if it was the jumpy around subjects or what but I would lose interest in it quickly from chapter to chapter. There is a lot of violence, and touchy scenes in it. Subject matter can be from young girls and sex to rape. It is extremely suspenseful and some of it was hard to read. If you have triggers, watch for it because it is very hard to read sometimes. I was sucked in toward the end and I wanted to read the next book because it does end on a cliffhanger of sorts.

So let’s jump to Under the Stars– 5 years later. The whole book jumps years, and months at times. It was just ok. I was a little disappointed, but sometimes that happens with books. This one just like the other was full of suspense. It was just hard to follow. I would have liked some look backs at the missing 5 years, and I was kind of expecting it, but it never came. Then the time jumps were never looked back upon either . Chunks of time from the characters barely touched on, and not really mentioned. It was a little disappointing like I said.

I don’t like to spoil books, or give anything away. If you like suspense romance books, then this is ok. Would I read it again, probably not. It just wasn’t in my wheelhouse of books  I guess. I do like some suspense, MC stuff like that, this just didn’t do it for me. Im not going to tell you not to read it, I don’t do that, but it isn’t sunshine and roses and the characters do not have easy lives or easy times at anything. So just beware of that.

Under the Stars releases on January 22… Both are KU reads.

So that’s it… I am hoping to use the blog this weekend to share some of the reads I have enjoyed since the beginning of the year with you. I have read some AMAZING books and I want you to experience them as well.


Have a good weekend and talk to you super soon!!


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