Happy Monday!!!

Hi everyone!!

So I have the day off today and I am taking time out to say hey to all of you!! 🙂

You have noticed a lot of posts by me of cover reveals and new release that are now out. A lot of these I have not read. I will say that I get them for the blog to post and I do just that. If you see a blurb or review from me at the beginning I have read it.

I don’t mind posting, but sometime it is a lot of them. I will give you my personal opinion of the ones I do read though. I read a lot of books over the course of a week. I started out at the beginning writing about them all the time. Now, it just doesn’t seem like I have the time, or I get a message from an author saying I have given away too many spoilers and someone might not read the book because of it. So, I feel like I am back to square one.

I want you all to see what I read, and enjoy the books I love.. So what I have done is write a review for every book I am reading, starting Jan 1, 2018. I have written a review of EVERYTHING I have read. Most of my reviews are super short, either saying I like it, love it or just it was ok. I don’t leave many bad reviews because I tend to like everything I read HA! There are a couple though. I have never left anything under 3 stars though. I would have stopped reading the book first! HA!

I try to let you know if it is a short book, because I do tend to love those. They are good to get that one more book in before bed. So I am going to post my link to my Amazon profile here so you can check out some of my reviews…

My Amazon Profile– click me!!


I hope you enjoy reading the blog. I am so close to being able to do a giveaway. We almost have enough followers!!!

Have a great Monday everyone. There are a lot of cover reveals and such out today– and tomorrow.


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