End of the year giveaway!!

So you all know how much I love to read. Ok well if you don’t you should. HA! I don’t watch TV, movies or anything like that anymore, I just read. I got the bug a couple of years ago and it hasn’t stopped. My time has gotten less and less this year to read, so my totals are not as high as they could be. Check out my Goodreads reading challenge from this year. I shattered my goal I am happy to say. I have read many great books this year. SO MANY! I am going to attempt the last week of the year to do a top 10 from this year, but that maybe hard for me. I will try though.

So a giveaway– you are ready for one right? I have been dying to do one for awhile now but my totals are not up there. I figured who cares, lets just do one anyway. Share, comment and like my page and blog for a chance to win. You will get a $5 Amazon gift card so you can purchase a book or two of your choice. Contest ends 12/28/17!!

Get people over to my page if you can. I haven’t posted my own opinions as of late, but I have been super busy. I will try to do more in the next couple of weeks.

Have a great weekend everyone!!



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