New Release- KU- Thankful for Her by Alexa Riley

Thankful for Her by Alexa Riley on Amazon


Hey again everyone!

So I just finished Thankful for Her from Alexa Riley and DAMNIT!!! Spoiler Alert— it ends on a fricken Cliffhanger!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE CLIFFHANGERS!!!!!!!!! LOL 🙂

However, even with the cliffhanger ending I am glad I read it. SUCH a great book. A short read, love it, and what a cool story. Kind of a reverse Cinderella in the fact that it is her actual mother that dislikes her and her Stepfather loves her. So that was a change of pace for a book and I liked that new twist.

Yes it is a stepbrother romance, and if that usually bothers you it shouldn’t in this book. Just going to say wait until almost the end and you will see why! I am not into spoilers. 🙂

LOVE LOVE LOVED it and almost threw my kindle at the last paragraph. I really hope you read it and love it like I did. I love almost everything Alexa writes and this one is just as good as any of the others.

Check it out on Amazon and KU!

Have a great day!

<smooches> ♥♥Kim♥♥



Autumn has always felt a soul-shattering pull to her stepbrother, Hunter. The only problem is that they’ve never met. But this Thanksgiving they’re finally going to meet and when they do, all her desires will be confirmed.

Hunter Danvers has lost a lot, and seeing his father marry a nightmare of a stepmother, he thinks he’s lost him, too. He reluctantly comes home for Thanksgiving. And then everything he knows to be true changes.

Warning: Get stuffed with insta-love, a secret baby, and gravy puns galore! This glossed-over holiday just got a reason to be celebrated, and it has nothing to do with the cranberry sauce!

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