KU- New Release- Collaring Cinderella by Isabella Starling

Collaring Cinderella on Amazon

Hey everyone! So I haven’t really shared my opinion on a book in a few days, but OMG this is such a quick and great read. If you have KU you MUST check it out. It didn’t take me long to read at all, under 2 hours.

So it is loosely based on Cinderella. There is a stepmother, a girl who has lost her father, and is mistreated by her stepmother. A handsome man, and a “fairy godmother” type of person.

I really and truly enjoyed this book. If you love an older hot true Alpha male, then this book is for you. Not to mention a bit of Insta-Love in there that always has you saying yes! I call it a must read because it is short and you can fit more books in a day, plus it is pretty hot.

Check it out on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!!

Have a great Saturday!

<smooches> ♥♥Kim♥♥




A pair of shoes won’t change your life…
But a diamond collar just might.

I only have two passions in life – my jewelry making business, and women.
And I like to indulge in both, any chance I get.

And then I stumble upon her – Ella Monroe. Sassy but shy. Innocent but sexy. So sweet I know no other man has tasted her.

She’s my housekeeper’s stepdaughter. Off-limits. So why do I want to bend her over my desk and show her what her virgin body has been missing?

I’m going to own her. I’m going to put a diamond collar around her throat and make her all mine. My princess Ella.

I’ll give her a happily ever after.
Whether she wants it or not.

Possessive and arrogant, sexy as hell alpha wrapped in a designer suit? You got it. Innocent virgin heroine? Always. Add instalove that will make your panties melt, a magical fairytale, and a Christmas ball with a lost diamond collar, and you have your perfect winter read. Quick, smutty and delicious – HEA guaranteed, NO cliffhanger, NO cheating and a standalone story. It’s all you wished for this Christmas.

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