Hard Cut by Dani Wyatt -release date 11/27/17

Hey friends!! So I just finished reading the upcoming release from Dani Wyatt. It releases on November 27, 2017. There is no link yet in Amazon, so just search it on the 27th! Better yet, like Dani Wyatt on facebook and she will have links up. I will also post a link on my blog facebook page on the date for you. You have liked me on Facebook right? LIKE ME! Kg Book Blog Facebook Page. Let me tell you it is one super hot, super steamy read. Whew! Man was it hot.  Here is my review that I posted…oh but first check out the hot as hell cover… Flint is yummmy! *********** Update 11/26/17  it is live EARLY! here is the link to get you some of Flint and Wren  Hard Cut by Dani Wyatt**********



Dani Wyatt has a way with words! She can write one super hot and dirty novel that is for sure and this one is no exception. What happens when you pair a man who swings an axe for a living with a hairdresser who literally falls into his arms? You get super hot, super sweet insta-love. I have been a Dani fan for awhile and this one happens to be one of my favorite books she has written. I don’t like to summarize books because I want you to experience it for yourself. I will say though Flint and Wren are one super hot couple that will leave you wishing you were Wren. A great read and a great story.


I have been a fan of Dani’s for a while now. I even read her daddy type of books even though I am not a huge fan of the whole call me daddy thing. I guess maybe because I am older, I don’t know. I do read them though because I love her writing styles and she has one dirty mind and can write the hell out of a book. Check her out! She is on Kindle Unlimited and she is all about huge alpha males, daddy or not. She knows how to pull off the alpha male role in books.


I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving! I will not be able to binge read as much as I want in the next couple of days, but that is ok. 🙂

Leave me some comments, say hi, like me on facebook. Anything! 🙂 I love to chat!

<smooches> ♥♥Kim♥♥

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