KU-The Stone Brothers!!!! by Samantha Christy

So everyone, it is Thanksgiving break for me and I am sure there will be binge reading on the horizon for me. I haven’t posted much in the last few days because there hasn’t been a book that has really grabbed me and that I wanted to write about.

That changed when I read the first book in the Stone Brothers 3 book series Stone Rules but Samantha Christy. You MUST read all three of these books. Let me tell you I would take which ever of the three Stone Brothers that would have me. Total 100% swoon worth book boyfriends.

In each book there is something the woman must overcome, or some hardship she has had. Each one will leave you with tears, and have your heart hurt for them. The writing is spectacular in these books and I am so glad that I found them on KU.

I am linking all of them with cover pictures below and I will also put up the author blurbs. All three are standalones, I would suggest reading in order as the characters flow into each book. It is not necessary, but I like when I know back stories of the other characters. It makes the whole thing flow and the pictures in your head better to know the dynamics of each relationship.

They are three books you will not regret reading. There is another one coming out later and I can’t wait for it. In the meantime, check out all three of the Stone Brothers books. You will not be disappointed.

<smooches> ♥♥Kim♥♥


51KGX9d-uvL._SY346_Book one-  Stone Rules by Samantha Christy


She likes sleeping with men.
Sometimes it’s not a choice.

Life hasn’t been easy for Charlie. Her mother was a monster. And when Charlie left home, there wasn’t always a warm bed, food, or a hot shower.

She figured out how to get by on her looks.

When her mother dies and she comes home to put that part of her life behind her, she finds the diary.
It fills her with rage.

She’s out for revenge.

But along the way she meets him.
Ethan DOES play by the rules. And at the top of his list is “Don’t get involved with clients.”

Will he break his rules for Charlie?



Book Two- Stone Promises by Samantha Christy

We were childhood friends.
Me and the boy who would grow up to become Hollywood’s hottest star.
When I was six – I fell for him at the bus stop.

When I was fifteen – he moved away, taking my heart with him.

When I was twenty-four – he came back for me even though I didn’t want him.

The nine years we spent apart, I tried like hell to fill the void.

Apparently, so did he.
Instead of being addicted to me, he became addicted to women, drugs, and money.
So when he showed up on my doorstep offering me everything I’d ever dreamed of – him, I couldn’t help but think of the age old idiom:
Be careful what you wish for.




Book Three- Stone Vows by Samantha Christy

I’m her doctor.
She’s my patient.
My only patient.

She’s alone and in trouble.
From the moment I see her, I know she’s special.

As a resident, I’ve spent years living and breathing hospital life.
Then she comes into my ER, and my need to help her is all consuming.

Despite the consequences…
Even knowing I could lose everything I’ve worked for…
I can’t stay away.

How far will I go to protect her?


Make sure you follow Samantha on her Amazon Author page Samantha Christy

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