Upcoming Release- Unexpected- A secret billionaire baby romance by Aria Ford

So I can’t give you a link yet for this book because it is not posted anywhere yet. I received an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of this book. I love getting ARC’s of books, it not only gives me a chance to read the book before it is released, it gives me a chance to promote the hell out of it if I think it is a good read.

Unexpected- What a great book by Aria Ford. I have read some of her books before and I really liked them and this is no exception!!

This book follows Caleigh and Griffin two people who meet at a private dinner. Caleigh being the new waitress and Griffin being the one hosting the dinner. Caleigh is a poor college drop out due to her parents and brother sudden death in a car crash. She is making ends meet by waitressing at a restaurant when a lady gives her an opportunity to work part time with her catering company. She accepts and takes her first job, the dinner for Griffin. As soon as she lays her eyes on him, she can’t move. He is the most gorgeous man she has ever met. She almost drops a salad in his lap. She offers to help one of the guests when he corners her in the hallway and tries to rape her. There are some triggers here for some just FYI! Griffin comes to her rescue.

Griffin can’t believe what he is seeing and kicks the shit out of the guy he is having a business dinner with. He doesn’t know why he feels so protective of this girl, be he saves her, then humiliates her without him even knowing it. Caleigh takes off and he goes after her. He doesn’t understand why, why this girl has such an effect on him.

What happens after is hot hot hot sex in many different ways and places. I don’t like to spoil books, but I will say Aria Ford knows how to write good and hot sex scenes. 🙂 if you’re into that kind of thing.

This was a really good read and I really enjoyed it. I loved the insta-love they shared and the way she worked through everything. The journey takes them through her missing him, him missing her and trying to get over her. A baby, and deciding not to tell him about it, she doesn’t want him to think she is a gold digger.

It is a good journey and story. I really liked it. It took me about 2 hours to read.

It releases Sunday November 12, 2017. I will post a link as soon as I get one!

<smooches> ♥♥Kim♥♥

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