KU, New Release: The Runaway Mail-Order Bride by Alexa Riley

The Runaway Mail-Order bride by Alexa Riley

So if you haven’t read an Alexa Riley book yet, this is a great starter. A short read with her amazing insta-love style. I love a good insta-love story. She just has a way with words that I love.

Willow is running away from her ex-boyfriend who wouldn’t take NO for an answer. A sheriff that thought he could take what he wanted. Willow didn’t like it after a few dates and didn’t want him to take her virginity. So she found a way to get away and hid. That was to become a mail-order bride to a man she didn’t even know. She left and went to him without even knowing his name.

Dane is a busy billionaire business man. He doesn’t have time for love, time to date, time to do anything but his business. His mother is driving him crazy setting him up all the time on disastrous dates. All he wants is someone to play his wife, look good for the camera, and let everyone believe that he is off the market and no longer available. Maybe it will stop him from getting all the marriage proposals. So he uses a service to order a bride. What he doesn’t realize is the woman they send him is the woman of his dreams. Insta-Love hits him hard and he will do anything for her!!

A great and fun Alexa Riley novella that is full of smiles and sex. She is good at that. A MUST read! I loved it!!

Below of course is the authors Blurb about the book and a link to get it on Amazon. Have a great day!


<smooches>  ♥♥Kim♥♥



The Runaway Mail-Order Bride by Alexa Riley

Willow Adams has been left with no choice. She’s run away from home and straight to a mail-order bride agency. She has no idea what to expect, but never in her wildest dreams did she anticipate him.

Dane York needs a marriage of convenience. He doesn’t have time to date, but he needs to have a certain image for his company, and some things are expected. Everything is perfectly planned out… That is, until he lays eyes on his new bride.

Warning: This classic trope is made to order with an obsessed billionaire and an innocent blushing bride. Grab your cozy socks and cuddle up with this ridiculously sweet novella

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