Today’s KU Reads

So I have been a busy little reader today. I have been reading some shorter books and they have all been good. About 1-2.5 hours per book so I have already gotten through 3 this morning. You know that time change makes you get up super early!!!

So here is what I have read today:


The Wolf’s Mail Order Bride by Ella Goode-


Super cute book about an Alpha shifter who has NO clue that his pack has found his mate for him. The girl applies to be a bride to get away from her psycho ex who is out to kill her. A great read that was short enough to get through in one sitting. I liked it and will check out more books by Ms. Goode!



Bang (A Club Deep Story) by Penny Wylder


Let me tell you I love me some Penny Wylder books. She knows how to write some hot and steamy scenes. This book has BDSM style scenes in it and a whole lot of sex… Super Hot sex. A story about a girl finally finding her worth and a man willing to make her see just how much she is worth. I kind of want to call it a coming of age story because she has such low self esteem and he helps her through that. Great and short read with a bonus story as well.


Last (right now)

Bed Shaker by Penny Wylder


Yes I was in a Penny Wylder mood today! I love her sexy steamy books and some days you just want to wrap up in them. Today is a quiet lazy day like that. This book is more of a man that find himself type of book. You know, the manwhore who finds the girl who will change all of that for him. He doesn’t even take advantage of her while she is drunk. A great short story and I loved the story line of it.


Well I will keep you updated throughout the day.. It is only 12:30 and I am done with 3 so far. I am making it a short book reading type of day so I can switch through different types of books.

Have a great rest of your day guys!

<smooches> ♥♥KimBe♥♥

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