Stuck in a book!

Ok so I am stuck in a really long book and have been super busy. So I haven’t gotten to read as much of it as I want. I am at 73% so I am closer to the end. It said it was a 7 hour read so I can seriously see that being true. I have only read about 3 hours though. I am hoping to finish it when I get home before I have to go to the football game. If I do, I will do my final report on it.  MEANWHILE………

The book is called Unfriended:A Geek and Stud romance by Deana Farrady. It is seriously a super cute romance with some detailed dirty talk! Man does he have a dirty little mouth! Friends for years, Asher finally realizes he has feelings for his geeky, nerdy best friend Charis.

Charis is older than him and that bothers her, a whole 4 years!! He is her friends younger brother. She has been attracted to him for a long time, but has stayed away because of the age difference. She is engaged, and tells him one night that they are drink together after Asher breaks up with is girlfriend.


I am hopefully almost done with it, I will say I love Asher’s filthy mouth! There nothing better than a man that can talk dirty. So check out the book, I will do a full report tomorrow when I am done.

ON a side note– I already have my next 2 reads lined up and in my Kindle burning a hole in it waiting for me to read. First up will be The Other Brother by Meghan Quinn, why because I LOVE HER and all of her books. I have yet to read a book by her that I did not like. Then after that I will be reading Unexpected Claim by Alexa Riley another because I love her and what she writes. Her books are usually nice and short reads and I can get through them in about 2 hours, they are usually SUPER hot and dirty too! She is on KU as well as Meghan Quinn. Check them both out, they are 2 of my Favorites!

Have a great weekend everyone! Links to all books below.

<smooches> ♥♥Kim♥♥


Unexpected Claim by Alexa Riley


The Other Brother by Meghan Quinn


Unfriended: A Geek and Stud Romance



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