New Release today! Beauty Unmasked by AJ Renee

Beauty Unmasked by AJ Renee


I have been looking forward to this book for a while now. I love AJ Renee and her books and I am sure this one will be another to add to the love pile. Seriously LOVE this cover!!!!

This book is on Kindle Unlimited!!

I will add a new post as soon as I read it tonight and let you know what I think!

Here is a blurb about the book.


Beauty Unmasked on Amazon

Viktor Prinz

When an IED hit my unit, it set off a chain of events that transformed me. Gone is the easygoing and charming man whom everyone flocked to. I’m no longer the whole man I used to be, and I’ve accepted this darker side.

Isabel Marchant

In my twelve years as a physical therapist, I’ve never been tempted to cross the line with a patient. That is, not until Viktor Prinz answers the door in his nearly-naked state. Seeing past the grief, I find the first man to make me want more.

Can Viktor find the strength to accept the cards he’s been dealt? Or will he run this beauty who stands up to him out of his life, never to return again?

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