KU Read- Billionaire Baby Bump by Chance Carter

Billionaire Baby Bump by Chance Carter on Amazon


So I will start off by saying I love Chance Carter! Yes a male writer of romance novels and I just love everything he writes!!! I found this one in my recommended list of reads on Amazon and loved the blurb so gave it a go. I didn’t even KNOW it was a Chance Carter novel until I was done and getting ready to write this blog. I have a bad habit of when picking books to not look at the author until after.

So this book is typical Chance Carter and if you haven’t read anything by him yet, I will suggest you do so starting with this one. I LOVED IT!!! There is something just catching about billionaire romances that I wish I could have been caught by one too LOL who doesn’t right!

So this book is about Aurora and Brendon- it starts off with Aurora being in her home town stuck in a dead end relationship with her high school sweetheart. She is fed up and wants out. That is when she runs into her old BFF from school and she gives her an opportunity to up and leave and go to NYC to escape. So she leaves a note breaking up with Nolan and goes to the city.

Brendon is with a friend one night and he suggests that he hire an escort from this hotel, for $5000. You just put the money in an envelope and go to the desk. It is very discreet and the girls are awesome his friend tells him. He almost doesn’t do it, but decides he needs a break.

That brings us to where Aurora meets Brendon. Aurora is working in the hotel for the madame only she is cleaning not and escort! There is a mixup with the front desk clerk and she mistakenly gives Aurora’s room key to Brendon. However, they run into each other literally in the hallway and start chatting. They hit it off and Aurora really likes him. He finds out her room number and assumes she is his escort for the night so he pounces and kisses her. What a mixup!!! I can’t wait for you to see what happens after that!

I am not into spoilers so I won’t go into more except you can tell in the title there is a baby involved.. Will she tell him, is it Brendons or Nolans (the ex)!!


A great Free on KU read! Check out the blurb below and check out more reads by Chance Carter as well. I really enjoy his books!

<smooches> ♥♥Kim♥♥




The Billionaire Baby Bump by Chance Carter


When I arrived in the big city, overwhelmed and lost, I turned to the one person in the world I knew would help me.
My best friend, who also happens to be a professional call girl.
“You can sleep in Room 69,” she told me. “It’s empty. No one will bother you there.”
And that’s how it all began.
The love story of my dreams.

I was skeptical but my friends talked me into it.
I should have known better. I have a reputation to keep.
There was a mix-up in the lobby. They sent me to Room 69.
But I changed my mind. I’m not judging my friends but call girls are not for me.
Then I saw the most beautiful woman I ever set eyes on.
Auburn curls and curves that took my breath away.
I was instantly hard. I longed to hold her.
She got some ice from the machine and then went back to her room.
Room 69.

If going through with this means spending the night with a woman like her, I’ll try anything.
I walked up to her door and knocked

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