Follow up! Finding Peace- By MaryAnn Jordan

I told you I would review this book as soon as I had read it. I posted about it on the release day a couple of days ago. First it is full length. Took me about 4.5 hours give or take to read.

I really liked this book. I did not read any of the others in the series before I read this one, and I think I should have. I would understand the backstories on some of the characters better. That is ok though. I would change one thing about the way this was written though. I would have made it a POV book, changing chapters based on which character was talking in the chapter. It would have made it flow a little better. Other than that, it was a good book.

The healing that happens between Brogan and Ginny is very heartwarming.  Both were soldiers and have bad memories that have hardened them to certain things. Ginny has a bad relationship with her family while Brogan is extremely close with his. They come together in a beautiful love story that I really enjoyed.

I gave it only 4 stars because of what I said about the POV, I really think it would have made a huge difference in the way this book was read.

It is a good KU read. Standalone with no Cliffhanger.

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2 thoughts on “Follow up! Finding Peace- By MaryAnn Jordan

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    1. If you like to know about the characters back stories then yes! I am ok with not knowing back stories, but yes I did get a little lost on relationships. It is a standalone, but I do wish I would have read the others first so I could understand back relationships.
      Hope this helps!


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