New Release 10/26/17- Clean Break by Lisa Suzanne

Ok so I was obsessed with this series after finding it on a post on Facebook. So I read the first book, then the second and got mad because the third book was not out yet. Doesn’t it suck when that happens? I hate being left on a virtual cliff without knowing how it ends. It is like stopping a movie you haven’t watched, get into it then stop the movie and can’t watch the end for THREE LONG WEEKS!! LOL 🙂

I will say it was totally worth the wait and Clean Break released today and I devoured it as soon as I got home from work today. I will say if you haven’t read books 1 & 2 you MUST read them first. It is a continuation and it will not make any sense if you don’t read them first. Trust me they are ALL worth the read!


A little like Destiny book 1

Book 1- A little like Destiny- the book that introduces us to Mark, Reese and Brian. Where the school teacher goes to a concert of her favorite band and end up having what she believes to be a one night stand with the lead singer of the band Vail. What Reese doesn’t realize is that Mark wanted more with her, but she left without leaving her number or a way to get in touch with her while he was still asleep. She runs into a man coming off the elevator named Brian, who she ends up meeting a little while later while helping out with a fundraiser for her school. What will happen with the 3 of them? Where will Reese’s heart lead her?



Book 2- Only ever you


Book 2- Continues the journey of Mark, Reese and Brian, but now you know that Mark and Brian are brothers. You know the relationship struggles between the two and how much Reese is struggling with her decision on which brother to be with. A true emotional journey for her as the push and pull of her heart is tearing her strongly in one direction while her mind is taking her another not wanting to hurt anyone. Who will she choose?


And the last book and newest release is…

Clean Break Web Header

Book 3- Clean Break

The final book in the series of Mark, Reese and Brian. Where will it lead the 3 of them? Who will Reese end of with, if she ends up with either one of them. A truly amazing end to a fantastic series. I really enjoyed the entire series and this final book gave me goosebumps and tears.

Make sure you check all 3 books out and also other books by Lisa Suzanne. I really enjoy her writing style and her books. They are funny, romantic and hot!

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I hope you enjoy and like my blog! Have a great day!!

<smooches> ♥♥Kim♥♥ xoxoxox

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