KU- Pick of the day 10/25/17 Dragons!


So I recently started reading shifter books. I really enjoy bears, wolves and most recently DRAGONS!! Terry Bolryder has a few excellent dragon shifter series that I really enjoyed. I just finished Zircon, her newest dragon series. It is book one of the Awakened Sea Dragons. Her other series have come firsts, so if you want to understand things like who Aegis is, why they are collared and can’t shift, I would start with her other awakened dragon books.

This book starts off with Seaton and his brother Kai and sister Marina just being awoken from the sea. Seaton is the main focus of this book but it also gets into the characteristics of Kai as well more that Marina. They are confused as to why they were awoken, and what their mission is. They are stranded without money, or powers.

Seaton notices Jenny who is the owner of a bar on the beach. He makes sure to stay cloaked so she does not see her while he is watching her. Until he comes to her rescue one day when her business partner puts his hands on her in a violent manner. He can no longer stay hidden and has to save her. This is where their journey begins.

If you love shifter books, you will like this one and the entire awakened dragon series. She has a way of writing that I really like. There are sex scenes, but they are not too graphic if you don’t like that. It does go into detail, and is pretty steamy.

I started with her Rent-A-Dragon series, then went to her Date-A-Dragon series which I loved all of them. All are available on Kindle Unlimited. Check them out and let me know what you think!! If you are not a KU subscriber and you like to read, please know they give a 30 day free trial! I read so much that it is worth the $10/month for me.

Check her out! Here is the link to her Amazon page.

Terry Bolryder Author page on Amazon


Hope you enjoy!!


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