Shameless Book Con

OMG that is all I am going to say! HA


I had so much fun at my first ever book signing and convention. I didn’t think I would have as much fun as I did especially going alone. Let me tell you, the people are super friendly, sweet and nice.  I met a lot of people because I wrote in the attendees Facebook page. It was so cool to meet the people you were chatting with online. I loved it.

I can not wait until my next event..

From meeting Kayla Robichaux, Golden Czermak, Meghan Quinn, Alexia Riley, and oh so many more!! What a great experience for any one who reads a lot of books.

IMG_0722First a shoutout to my girl Shannon! I met her Friday night. We had said maybe a few words on FB and then we ended up staying at the same hotel. We became SUPER fast friends!! We participated in the scavenger hunt Friday night and we racked up! Winning 3 of them– We had to find the hotel manager and tell him he was hot(he was), find an author and tell her her eyes were beautiful (they were) and then do a waltz with the head of security. So much FUN!!


Friday night- After the cocktail event and scavenger hunt we all just hung out around the hotel fire pit chatting it up. Then we played Cards against Humanity! OMG so much fun! It was the first time I had ever played it.

Oh! and I got to meet GOLDEN!! He was surrounded and I am not that type of person, but he came over and sat with us for a bit and was super sweet. I hope I get a chance to chat with him again sometime soon. I want to work with him on a shoot!! Would be a dream come true for me!

IMG_0720Cards against humanity group with Golden!


Saturday was the big event and I got to meet and squeeze a bunch of authors! It was so much fun. I met so many awesome people, got a ton of SWAG– and won a gift bag! HECK YEAH!! Oh and did I mention HOT COP was there? Daniel Rengering Gainsville Fl cop that went viral after Hurricane Irma. Yup he is a hottie!! 🙂



Saturday night Gala!  Man was it fun! I haven’t been dancing and to a party in years. I felt young again and I wish I knew how to dance HAHAHAHAHAH

Thank you again to Shannon for making this a great experience for me! Can’t wait until next year!  OH and Lisa girl you are crazy and hilarious. I love your spirit!! Cant wait until we all meet up again.


Until we all meet again folks! xoxoxoxoxo<smooches> ♥♥♥♥

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